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Learn to Speak Persian with

Fluent Farsi

Fast. Easy. Effective.

  • The #1 Selling Course in Teaching Spoken Farsi

  • The most comprehensive Persian online course 

  • 80 Lessons - 12 hours of High Definition videos  

  • Step by step teaching method / All explanations in English

  • Learn at your own pace/ Day or night

Farsi, also known as Persian, is a prominent language and tens of millions of people speak Farsi around the world. Farsi is the official language of Iran. 


Through Fluent Farsi courses you learn to speak in Farsi with your family and friends and loved ones and understand everyday Farsi conversations.


Learn Farsi Persian Fast Easy

Farsi language in a way is a combination of two different languages: Formal Farsi, and Spoken Farsi.

Formal Farsi is for books and documents and newspapers. ​However, when people speak in Farsi, they use Spoken Farsi. These two versions of Farsi are really different from each other. ​


The focus of Fluent Farsi is to teach you original and authentic Spoken Farsi which is what you need to orally communicate with Farsi speakers.

Speak Farsi Persian Course Online

How Fluent Farsi works


The Speak Farsi Complete Course (which is the main course) consists of 80 Persian lessons presented in 24 professional videos, each video 30 minutes on average.


Fluent Farsi benefits from a systematic step by step approach and the lessons are easy to follow. They contain clear explanations in English and offer lots of examples. The content of the Speak Farsi Complete Course is equal to a 400 page Persian language book. You can easily learn Farsi on any device of your choice (desktop or laptop or tablet or smart phone etc.)

Our students love Fluent Farsi lessons because they learn to speak in Persian!

Fluent Farsi
Fluent Farsi Play

"The lessons are at a steady pace and very deliberate so that it is easy to follow along and not feel overwhelmed."


 Katie, Atlanta, GA USA

Learn Farsi
Fluent Farsi Play

"You will be speaking Farsi much faster than you imagined." 

 Johannes, Berlin, Germany

Farsi Language
Fluent Farsi Play

"Today I feel confident about my spoken Farsi."   


 Laura , Melbourne, Australia

Learn to speak Persian (Farsi) in a short time


The main course is being offered during eight weeks (which is very fast) and you will learn to make spoken Farsi sentences with confidence. 

If you already know some Farsi, that is good! Through Fluent Farsi you will build upon what you already know and this will enable you to fill the gaps in your knowledge of Spoken Farsi. And if you do not know any Farsi, no worries! We teach you Persian from the very beginning.


24/7 access to videos online and offline


Language classes and private tutoring both are one-time deals as they happen only once whereas you can access our Persian videos online and practice them for as many times as you need during day or night. You can also download the videos and watch them offline (download option available in most of the paid courses).

Free Course and Sample Lessons

Fluent Farsi offers a Free Course that has 3 sample lessons and through this free course you will experience the teaching environment and you will see how easy it is to learn Farsi!

The Free Course also contains very important (and hard to find) information about the key differences between Formal Farsi (what others teach) and Spoken Farsi (what we teach). You need this information to be able to correctly choose that version of Farsi that is right for you.

Learn to Speak Farsi Persian



Speak Farsi Complete Course:


This is the main course and the most popular course which contains all of the 24 Farsi videos (12 hours). This is all you need to be able to speak in Farsi. Videos are available online, and for download.

Other Courses:

Premium Speak Farsi Course: This course has the exact same material as the main course. However, in addition to that, it provides the students with four hours of online personal instructor assistant and it also offers a completion certificate. Videos are available online, and for download.

Speak Farsi Course in 2 Packages - Package one: This is the first half of the main course. It contains the first 12 videos of the main course (6 hours). The second half (second package) will be offered to those students who already finished package one of this course. Videos are available online, and for download.

Speak Farsi Course in 3 Packages - Package one: This course contains the first 8 videos of the main course. [The main course contains 24 videos.] The next parts (8 videos for the second package, and 8 videos for third package) will be offered to those students who already finished package one of this course. Videos are available online.



Farsi Alphabet and Farsi Words Course: In addition to the above courses, for those of our students who (besides learning how to speak in Farsi) are also interested to learn how to read and how to write in Farsi, Fluent Farsi offers a Farsi Alphabet and Farsi Words Course (12 additional videos!) which works as an optional supplement to the main course and is included in all of the above plans for free. ('Optional' in the sense that you can choose to use it, or not to use it.)

If you are not interested to learn the Farsi alphabet, then Fluent Farsi efficiently teaches you to speak in Farsi without learning the Farsi alphabet. You choose your approach, and Fluent Farsi teaching and learning system perfectly accommodates your needs.

Please go to the Free Course to learn more about the details of the exact content of this optional course.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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